Your kitchen should be the heart of your home – a place where you love to cook and hang out with family and friends. However, 如果你的厨房风格过时,设备过时,或者布局不合理, 你可能会开始害怕在那里呆上一段时间. 

你应该拥有自己喜欢的厨房, and renovating it can help you create a space you’re proud to show off and a space you’ll love spending time in again. In a 最近的调查, 房主们说,翻修厨房使他们吃得更健康, 更多的娱乐, 和爱人享受更多的优质时光. 更新你的厨房甚至可以增加你的家的价值, 所以,即使你不打算永远呆在家里,这也是值得做的. Basically, a kitchen remodel is a great investment whether or not you plan to stay in your house long-term; you get a newly reinvigorated sense of enjoyment of being in your kitchen and if/when you leave you can receive up to 150% of your initial investment back from the kitchen renovation.

如果你准备开始一个厨房改造项目, 这里有9个设计思路可以帮助你开始厨房改造. 


1. 安装一个岛屿 


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如果你没有厨房岛, installing one will improve your cooking workflow and give your family a place to gather or if you already do have one, 考虑做一些升级(查看下一段). A large center island with polished granite or marble counters makes a big statement, 但较小的岛屿也能运转良好, 尤其是在比较紧的厨房里,没有足够的空间可以腾出来. It’s up to you – whatever your needs are and what size island your kitchen can handle comfortably. 

岛屿是如此多才多艺,可以为你的厨房空间增添许多元素.  例如, 在设计你的岛屿时, consider adding an overhang so you can place stools underneath it to create a breakfast bar. You can also incorporate cabinets for extra storage or a second sink to make prepping veggies easier. Some households are even able to add a hands-free slide out drawer where they can add a trash can and a recycle bin to make cleaning up while cooking more efficient. The possibilities are almost endless for the benefits an island addition can add to your kitchen.


2. 添加照明 

kitchen remodel renovation modern simple kitchen with light wood details and stainless steel lighting


Adding a few well-placed light fixtures to your kitchen will make the space look brighter and more inviting. 此外,这是一个简单的项目,如果你有预算的话,你可以自己做. 

We suggest placing pendants above your island to help highlight it and make it a focal point. Installing LED lights under your cabinets will provide extra task lighting and cast a warm glow on your countertops. You can also put wall-mounted sconces above the sink and prep areas to get more light where you need it. 


3. 更换或刷新机柜 



橱柜是人们走进厨房首先注意到的东西之一. 如果你的衣服看起来过时了, it may be time to replace them with a more up-to-date style like shaker or lacquered cabinets. 

However, ripping out your cabinets and installing new ones can be an expensive undertaking. 部分或完全定制的橱柜可能会有成本 在1.3万到3万美元之间If that’s not in your budget, there are lots of affordable ways to update your existing cabinets. Repainting them in modern colors like gray, white, or blue can give them a fresh new look. 如果你的橱柜太旧或损坏而无法修补, 重新贴面是一种成本不高的选择 低至1000美元 这取决于你选择的材料. 

你甚至可以把一些过时的上层橱柜换成这些 DIY管货架. They’ll give your kitchen a cool industrial vibe and allow you to display your favorite dishes and mugs. 


4. 更新连壁



Adding a backsplash is a great way to breathe new life into your kitchen without breaking the bank. 它只花费 1000美元左右 用更能体现你风格的衣服来代替后挡板. 

Neutral backsplashes like white subway tile will make your kitchen look clean, bright, and modern. If you’re a fan of color, mosaic tiles or bright glass tiles may be more up your alley. 


5. 升级你的电器 



Replacing your appliances will lower your energy bills and improve the look of your kitchen. 新的不锈钢电器给任何空间带来时尚、现代的氛围. However, 如果你不喜欢金属, you can purchase appliance panels that match your cabinets to conceal your refrigerator and dishwasher. You can even find appliances in bright hues like yellow or blue to add an unexpected pop of color to your kitchen. 

你的预算里没有足够的空间买全新的电器? 你可以通过购买打折的刮痕和凹痕电器来省钱, 或者简单地更新你已有的. You could also give your appliances new life by painting them with appliance paint or covering them with stainless steel film. You may also be able to buy new doors from the manufacturer who made your appliances at an affordable price. 


6. 安装新地板 



厨房是家中人流最多的地方之一, 地板多年来一直在被敲打. If your floors are looking like they’ve seen better days, it’s a good idea to replace them. 

Tile and hardwoods are both stylish, durable choices that will stand up to heavy use. You can purchase bold patterned tiles to make a statement or go with a more neutral stone like slate or travertine. 如果你更喜欢木头, you can opt for natural hardwoods like oak or maple or go with laminate or engineered flooring to save money. 


7. 把存储 



没有罐子、平底锅和食品储藏室的厨房是不完整的. If you don’t have much cabinet space, you can suspend a shelf or rack from the ceiling. You can also add shelving above the stove and windows to make use of all the space in a smaller kitchen. 

如果上面的柜子和天花板之间有空间的话, 试着把储物篮或多余的餐具放在上面. You can also install pull outs or lazy susans in your cabinets to make them more functional and organized. 


8. 重新粉刷房间 



A gallon of paint doesn’t cost a lot, but can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. 像白色和黄色这样的浅色可以给你的空间增添一种轻快、愉快的感觉. 如果你喜欢有点戏剧性的话, a bold accent wall or patterned wallpaper will add visual interest and take your kitchen design to the next level.


9. 更换夹具 



更新厨房的另一种不贵的方法是更换固定装置. 买一个新的抽屉拉不需要花很多钱,而且可以使旧的橱柜跟上时代. Installing a new faucet can also make your sink more modern and functional without breaking the bank. 



不管你是想在你的厨房做几个项目还是全面改造, 我们经验丰富的承包商可以提供帮助. 范甘迪建设 has been doing kitchen renovations in the Dallas area since 1969. 今日与我们联络 得到你的免费厨房改造估计 离你梦想中的厨房又近了一步. 

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